Just a couple of articles back I ranted about how almost every car brand and especially the Volkswagen Group has adapted evolving its design language, but there is one brand that has being doing this for ages and has done it pretty well: Porsche. The first generation Panamera in my opinion was a very heavy handed design, that banked on its dimensions and aggressive alloys to establish road presence, though it did have a very classy button-laden interior, I wasn’t all too convinced with it. Enter the second generation and things have been streamlined and polished, the MY17 Panamera is a very good looking sedan, to a degree that if I won it in a lottery I would be reluctant in selling it on the spot. The most striking part of the exterior is the rear end, and the spoiler that assembles into place while being deployed. New V6 and V8 Bi-Turbo engines provide up to 550hp, mated with a PDK eight speed gearbox and an optional permanent four wheel drive system, the Panamera will no doubt make you hold on to dear life while you try to admire the fit and finish.


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