For a while Audi used to produce sleek and curvaceous cars, I would go further and say that they even had some Italian DNA in their lines, but it seems like de Silva – Head of design at the Volkswagen Group – Has decided to numb down things a bit in a bid to make them look more technologically advanced and less opinion splitting. The end result is a design language that is ok, and come resale might even help residuals be less disappointing. Come to think of it, this approach is being applied by many carmakers, opting to evolve the design more than revolutionize it. It was ok when Porsche applies it and they actually do it pretty well, but the thing is now almost all of the VW group are doing it, and boring is the first word that comes to mind. Mind you the interior though familiar is gorgeous, and no doubt the hike in power and the smooth DSG will do their best in making you forget the hum drum exterior.

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