Usually when car makers produce a hatchback, the sedan version of it seems like an afterthought cash grab. It’s even more alarming when the hatchback in question looks great in natural form but then they stretch out the rear in the most awkward of ways to reduce cost,  and you end up having to look at it and thinking of what could have been.

But the rant above does not apply on the new Renault Megane sedan, it takes what style the hatch has and adds to it, basically showing us the various applications that can be done with Renault’s new edgy design language. Step inside and the conventional interior is punctuated by a vertical touch screen, which when you think of it, it’s more logical than a horizontal layout and possibly the new norm of a screen setup. I like what Renault has been doing lately as a whole, they seem to be benefiting immensely from their alliance with Nissan, and their current lineup is stylish and the models seem well screwed together. Engines are the same you find in the hatch with the smallest being a 1.2 Litre turbocharged petrol that produces an unexpected 130Hp. Bring on the Coupe RS pretty please.

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