The Prius is manufactured for one reason: Efficiency, and it is fortunate that Toyota produces it as that furthers its “Prime” directive – Sorry just had to. What I find always funny is when I see a boy or girl racer commandeering a Prius, “accelerating” past me, zooming between traffic and pressing the Prius to give all that it doesn’t even have, they surely must have a legitimate reason for acting that way… a small bladder maybe.

The Prius Prime is the latest – and greatest – iteration of the famous hybrid. Its wider and lower than before as that improves its aerodynamics, but it is still an oddball of a design overall, the Honda-esque rear and front look very techy, sleek and modern, yet when you look at it from the side it looks frumpy, far from what you’d expect when look at it head on from the rear or front. The interior is an evolution of previous generations with a dominant vertical touch screen in the middle of the dash, and the gear lever still looks unfortunate and  ill placed, perhaps its best off to remove this “conventional” gear design altogether in the future and integrate it either into the steering column or touch screen. The Prius Prime comes with a 1.8 litre engine, the hybrid power train produces 131 Hp in total… people with small bladders beware.

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