The CRV is a well respected SUV, and I couldn’t agree more, it does most things right and it has reliability to boot. The fifth generation has shifted things up-market with a design that will undoubtedly please US customers the most, as they are the CRV’s most significant market. The CRVs of old were upright and angular, however the last generation took a sleeker approach and the new generation takes that approach a step further. Personally I like what Honda is doing with the rear light clusters, they seem not to mind experimenting with bold shapes, just take a look at the new Honda Civic. The front however inherited the family nose, with the grill and light cluster being integrated design wise.

Step inside and things are so so, the mild forward thinking of the exterior has not been translated to the interior, conventional is the name of the game inside. Though there is no doubt that it will provide loads of space and functionality for the whole family, the more you look at it the more it seems like a safe bet. The fifth generation also features the CRV’s first ever turbocharged engine, a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder that produces a respectable 190HP power is delivered either to FWD or all AWD setups, mind you the CRV is not about making your heart rate flutter, but if it does most things right like its predecessors Honda will be shifting CRV units with ease.

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