I never thought of the 5 series as a mini 7 series, I always felt it had its own character and it maintained a delicate balance between being in a lineup and sharing iconic elements, and being its own class defining self. Sadly it is not the case with the latest generation, as it has blended with the rest of the lineup perhaps a bit too much. The rear is a new take on the backside of the generation before it, while the front seems a tad heavy handed, making the light clusters directly meet the famous kidney grill is a very delicate matter and is best represented in the 3 series, which in my opinion is the star of the lineup. The best part of the 5 series is its sides and it gives you the impression that it is athletic and sporty.

Step inside and the most gasp worthy thing is that the traditional speedometer and tachometer that we have been glancing at for ages while driving are no more, they have been replaced with a mix of digital and analogue dials. Other than that the interior follows suit with an iteration of a design we have already seen. Which brings me to two very important questions: Will this generation be able to rein supreme and emphasize that it is still the “ultimate driving machine”? And the second question is something I never thought I would say: What would Chris Bangle do?


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