My my my, what do we have here? A Mercedes C Coupe with a legendary AMG makeover, and I am pleased to say it has given me chills. The regular C Coupe was a sleek thing in its own right and performed with agility, a crowd pleaser indeed. But when you put a 4.0 Litre Biturbo V8 engine in it and ramp up the aerodynamics, things get hot under the collar, as it transforms it into one beast of a car and will undoubtedly make its tail spin, and your head spin with it.  AMG has given this car the correct dose of aggression, not too garish and not too subtle, meaning that if you see this in your rear view mirror you would instantly recognize what it is capable of doing and would be best if you let it pass by with peace.

The interior has also benefited from this, as it also means business, it is already stylish and is now more focused and cool, I wouldn’t mind sitting in it for hours on end. The C Coupe AMG comes in two guises, the S is a tenth of a second quicker to 100 at 3.9 seconds, while the “regular” AMG is 4.0 seconds. The only comment I have is why call it C63 AMG? Isn’t the number supposed to reflect the engine capacity? Or maybe the number has a certain ring to it and they decided to keep it? Which is kind of gimmiky.

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