Jaguar is on a roll, it has been churning out models that look  as good as they perform for more than a decade now, and year by year things just keep getting better and better. By now you might have realized that I am a big fan of Jaguar, with fascination starting way back when the XJ220 was launched in the nineties – yes even with the V6 – and of course the many many icons before it.

And just like that, Jaguar has launched its second SUV, dubbed the E-Pace, this small SUV slots under the bigger and more imposing F-Pace. You don’t need to look hard at it to notice what influenced its design heavily – the F-Type coupe. The front lights, and air intakes are almost directly lifted from the coupe not to mention the backside, which is much more successful in grafting the F-Type’s rear light, as it looks well proportioned and angular. Step in, and this might be the weakest Jaguar interior, with the standout elements also being inspired by that Coupe once again, which makes you think that this SUV should have been called the F-Pace and not its bigger brother. The overall stance makes it look as if the design has been shoehorned into the required dimensions, but final judgment will be reserved till once its seen in real life, moving around in the streets. Engine wise, the biggest so far is the updated Ingenium petrol turbo 4 cylinder, which delivers a meaty 300Hp.

Usually I fall in love instantly with a new Jaguar car, but this has me a bit skeptical as it might inadvertently weakened the uniqueness of the F-Type, but If the E-Pace performs great, which most probably it will, the design might look as good. Jaguar has now 6 models in their lineup with the intriguing I-Pace edging near, making them 7, maybe it is time to kerb the model expansion and focus on the ones at hand.

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