Roaring our way is the all new Mercedes X-Class, a fresh pickup truck that promises luxury that is rugged and robust, a synergy between “Grrrrr” and “Oh Rather”. I was kind of excited to see what Mercedes would come up with especially after seeing the amazing concept version.

First look and the family resemblance is clear with most of the design cues being  translated with ease. The front is nice enough, features are well proportioned and neat. As usual the back-end is a casualty of function as it has the usual pick up derriere, Mercedes however has managed to make as clean as possible design wise. Overall it looks it’s best with the largest 19 inch alloys – though that will no doubt eat away from its off-roading capability. The interior also presents Mercedes-ness in a sturdy straightforward manner, it gives you a sense that if you throw mud at it would not mind at all. The X-Class also could be the most techy pickup to date as it features Mercedes infotainment system and a flurry of “tronic” technology. Under the bonnet the best launch engine available is a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder diesel that delivers 190hp, mated to a 7 speed auto, a meatier V6 is on the way in 2018.

All in all the X-Class will no doubt be robust and rugged, but I am slightly underwhelmed by it, Mercedes was an already upmarket brand and the latest crop of cars pushed the envelope further, the impressive concept promised exactly that, alas the production version for the X-Class seems to keep the envelope as is, though still it is the most refined-looking pickup truck there is.


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