Luxury has been always one of the priorities for premium car-makers, but for Rolls Royce it is the ultimate priority. Having been handcrafting models for around 100 years, this brand really knows how to go about it, and then some.

Enter the new Phantom 8, an evolution of the modern day Rolls Royce ethos. This is most apparent from the angular yet somewhat rounded design, the large chrome grille dominates the front and is flanked by two headlights that house serious tech, the sides do not try to hide the fact that this is very large all-aluminum car, with the front wheels being extremely close to the front itself. The iconic suicide doors remain but now can automatically swing open and close, for the grand entrance, or exit, which is key in a car like this. The Phantom 8 is truly a luxury car first, as all the tech is hidden. Usually I imagine myself driving a car, but for this car, I imagine myself in the back seat being chauffeured. The rear seats – and interior – are made out of the finest materials and look so extremely inviting, they are angled slightly inwards to provide a more intimate experience. Upfront is an updated dash design but this time around owners can commission a work of art to be placed on the upper dashboard panel dubbed “The Gallery”, very very fancy indeed. As for the mechanics, a naturally aspirated 6.75 Liter V12 provides 563 Bhp and is mated to s 8 sped ZF gearbox, make sure you clasp your champagne flute properly.

That Phantom 8 is a confident car, and can pull off the wildest and boldest of color combinations, owners most probably will put that statement to the test. The high level of craftsmanship is undeniable, here’s to the next 100 years of Rolls Royce.

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