BMW has released an all-new 2-Series, in coupe and convertible form. Though it might be very subtle, the refresh presents an angular update. Without doubt this German car brand from Stuttgart has very rarely failed in the dynamics department and if the previous 2-Series is anything to go by, an educated guess would be that this iteration will be wrapped around your finger when it comes to dynamism so to speak.

A contemplating tour around it and you’d get the sense the update is subtle yet impactful, taut is the word to be used here. I always regarded the 2-series as average looking – barred the M version that looked amazing – but this refresh pushes things forward in the right direction. In regular guise the coupe trails behind the convertible in the looks department. The front houses very sophisticated and angular front lights that impress with their double half C’s, the chiseled bonnet hints at its agility. The rear is almost left untouched, could be described as cute, which might not necessarily be a good thing. Step inside and things are undeniably BMW, it’s a gloomy affair and even humdrum, colors might inject some much needed zest, but no doubt sturdy and high quality. As for the backseats it would be more suitable for children or groceries way more than adults. For the drive train you have a choice of 3,4 or 6 cylinder engines mated to a 6 speed manual or 7 speed Steptronic auto. The biggest engines produces 340 horses and resides in the M version.

As time progresses BMW’s lineup is shaping up to be very neat and unmistakably BMW, some minor exceptions though, which is a major feat considering that some cars pass as others these days. So is the new 2-Series a step in the right direction? Seems so, heck I’d even be tempted to buy one if it had an M badge. Subtle and angular it is.

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