Deary me, what do we have here? If the Japanese ever decided to create a Chinese looking car the Acura RLX would be it, I know the sentence I just typed in makes no sense in current times, but jut take a look at this Acura, breathe it all in.

This RLX is basically a souped up Honda Accord, flashier, techier and plain weirder. The front has a very heavy handed design with light cluster insides that make you frown and focus on them. The sides are the Honda DNA giveaway, you could see the Accord that underpins the RLX  between the A and C pillar. As for the rear, it deeply reminds me of the BMW 7 Series, less angular but the inspiration is very clear. Step inside and you are greeted with a very busy interior, multilayer, multi screens, lots of buttons, you name it, seems comfy though. But where it might stand out is the running gear, the RLX has a 10 speed auto, a hybrid V6 linked to an all wheel drive system, that is influenced by the NSX, total sum of HP is 377, If only it looked as good.

Toyota has Lexus, Nissan has Infiniti and Honda has Acura, so far two of three I mentioned have hit the mark one way or another But it seems Acura needs a bit more time in creating a car – and identity – that is attractive from all angles.

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