Ferrari hands down produce the best looking folding hardtops, there is no doubt about it, first one was the California and now there’s this, the Portofino. But way before hardtops were introduced at Ferrari, their soft tops were equally beautiful, but less so with the top up then down.

The Portofino looks gorgeous either way, it could pass as two separate supercar variants of the same model, it is that good looking. Overall the Portofino takes the California T’s already beautiful design, smoothens and refines it, this is most apparent at the rear with those two circular rear light clusters that sit as farther apart as they could from each other. The sides are defined by creases that either start or end at door panel, the side air intake is linked to the front wheel arch, just like the McLaren 570S, seems to be a trend happening here. The two odd things are the location of the keyhole and side blinker, perhaps to remind you that his is still an Italian supercar after all. As for the front, I can’t get to shake the image of something grinning or smiling at me, with some teeth and two fangs slightly showing in an alarmingly sinister kind of way, its telling me to step aside or its about to eat me, either way a prey.

Ferrari’s turbocharged 3.8 liter V8 makes another appearance, and don’t expect anyone to complain, with 592 Bhp and 760 Nm torque, the Portofino easily reaches 100 in 3.5 seconds. Let the hunt begin.

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