If you happen to be an automaker and you have no SUV or Crossover in your lineup, well your days are numbered. SUVs and Crossovers have been booming for quite some time now, they are the bread and butter of the industry and provide a solid fund for companies to pursue their passions, so to speak.

The new T-Roc is most probably the most stylish VW in the current lineup, all models to be honest have gone vanilla, even the Passat CC has been dulled down, the only way you might consider one to be stylish is that if you put the largest meanest alloys and bolt on an R-Sport body kit, to distract you from the mundane nature it has. The T-Roc is a handsome mini SUV, it has a nice well proportionate front, the light complements the grille, the grille complements the bonnet and so on. The two tone paint job adds a dash of character making its silhouette more snug, the rear end is also pleasing to look at, especially where sharp crease above the rear wheel meets the rear light cluster. Inside things are nice and sane with funky colors matching the exterior color, clearly this car intends to be as youthful as possible. Overall it looks very appealing, the T-Roc is the closest thing VW has gotten to look like a Seat, it’s as if their design team helped out here and there.

Six engines are available in the T-roc, with the largest petrol being a 187bhp 2 liter that comes with the DSG and all-wheel drive. Bring on the R-Sport, but this time around it would complement not distract.

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