Though Tesla always steals the limelight when it comes fully electric cars, Nissan has been quietly taking the number one spot in where it matters the most, sales figures, as Nissan is the manufacturer of the best-selling electric car, the Leaf.

A total of 280,000 first generation Leafs have been sold and that eclipses any other electric car including the coveted Tesla, while prestigious, people have to wait around two years to get the car keys of their new Model 3, while for the Leaf, you just walk in and buy one. In the looks department this Nissan has grown up, it looks more like a hatchback and less like a weird looking electric car, and for the better. Design is taught and sharp, the front uses Nissan’s signature grille with much use of angular lines for the lights and bonnet sculpture. The sides reflect the older gen leaf the most, but much more athletic so to speak. As for the rear, black panels have been incorporated to make it look thinner and wider than it actually is. Overall the new generation leaf is a good looking car, and not just a good looking electric one. Step inside and the character of the car dwindles a bit, it looks functional and is of good quality but lacks the sense of modernity you’d want from an electric car, granted there is a touch screen and TFTs but even so it’s pretty uninspiring standard fair. Two electric motors are available, 40 KWH and a 60 KWH, providing 240 Km and 320 Km range respectively, no info on performance yet, but expect it to be frugal.

Nissan has done well with the new generation Leaf, and if the older one sold excellently even with the frog-like design, then this one should follow suit if not even more.

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