Another day, another SUV. But in this case a very special one indeed, this is the new XC40, Volvo’s first ever mini SUV, and if you’ve been waiting for it, the wait seems to have paid off quite a lot. Volvos were synonymous with safety, and well, being boxy and boring. They were built and still are built like a rock, and are very functional, but they never made your heart skip a beat.

But things for the last decade more or less have changed, I personally link Volvo to be cool, a different kind of luxury that is understated but can hold its own versus German rivals. The new XC40 follows suit, it looks stylish in a toned down manner, and emits the sense of modern-ness. A quick stroll around it and there is no denying that it is a Volvo, strong shoulder lines, the Thor’s hammer led strips up front, the prominent grille and logo. What’s off though is the C pillar, clearly a style choice that creates a big blind spot, how very un-Volvo. Step inside and things are more current Volvo with a vertical touch screen and same theme dash. However this model is more functional than usual, for example the door bins can house a laptop with ease. I love the fact that you can spec the floor with orange/red lining just like the stylish C30. This is one desirable SUV indeed.

Engines are rolling out, but at launch there is either a D4 diesel or a T5 petrol four-cylinder Drive-E power train, I say bring on the Polestar. Time to let the boring thing to rest.

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