Image. Yes, the thorn in Hyundai’s neck. Years it has struggled with the stigma of being a shady brand, with shady designs and a shady build quality. But it being aware of this and being savvy Hyundai took necessary steps in making their cars to have better quality and to be more appealing, but alas it stills struggles with image.

There are many reasons for that, majorly it’s because it never had an identity, each model launched looked nothing like the model before it, they also took to imitation which is the cheapest form of flattery, seriously. In that vein it seems as if Hyundai has looked to the Japanese and applied a method the Japs used to enter that luxury market and voila!The Genesis brand was born. Genesis currently has two models and the G70 is the third one, which happens to be the smallest. A quick look around and the general takeout that the G70 is a handsome looking car, but also at the same time very confusing, as it looks like a mash up between a handful of other cars.The frontis acombination of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, Jaguar XE and Infiniti Q50. Angular chrome work at the bottom stress and define that front fascia making it look chiseled and ready for business. The rear is much more successful at being unique, I could say that there is a hint of Mercedes, but nah that would be too picky.The sides are akin to Giulia once more, here you might start to feel that the G70 might be a tad bit over styled in general. Step inside and quality is apparent the driver centric dashboard looks pretty neat, and you could easily spot inspirations here and there, but overall it would be a nice place to sit in. Engines range from a 2.0 liter turbo to a 3.3 liter V6turbo with 365Hp and 500 Nm torque taking the G70 to 100 in 4.7 seconds, clearly they are taking their game to whole new level. So is the Genesis there yet? Perhaps not yet, but for sure the struggle is real.


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