Though the LS has been unveiled for quite some time now, the F-sport version has just been announced, and just by looking at the LS-F, it is news worthy. I admire Lexus, they have tried tirelessly to show that luxury isn’t synonymous with European marks especially British and German cars. The news LS is testament to that, I can clearly see it standing its own next to an S-Class or a 7-Series, it could even grab more attention as it looks downright fantastic. The lines of the car gives a sense that it is swept back, it looks as if it means business and it most probably does. Step inside and the interior is as individual as it could get, it is conversation worthy, and in the price bracket it is in it ought to be rightfully so.

There is one thing I do not like about Lexus though, is that with the LS it too inconsistent, the IS, GS, NX, RX have consistently improved in the way they look and feel, not the LS,  as each generation alternates between charismatic and dull, the previous generation LS was a real dozy, vanilla would strike more interest in comparison. But that is clearly a result of extensive research, as most probably the average age of a person who would buy an LS is high, but then again don’t these people enjoy design and style? And should a car be designed and built only based on those research solely? Maybe they could provide the basis but if passion and craftsmanship is added in, the end result would be something like this new LS.

The F-Sport package however is more of a cosmetic affair, darkened grille, larger alloys and sporty interior. The running gear however is left untouched more or less but no slouch as it has 3.5 Liter V6 mated to a multi stage hybrid system that produces 354 hp, pushing the limo to 100 in 5.2 seconds. Lexus please keep the fantastic coming.

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