Not to be outdone by its sister company Hyundai, who is churning out model after model, Kia has announced the new Stonic, a small SUV, or a raised hatchback is more like it. Truth be told this is a very stylish looking car, dare I say it looks very European, and that’s because it most probably was designed by one, and I find it desirable.

It looks cheeky and fun, add to the fact that you customize the car, for example the roof can have a contrasting color among other things, and you would have something interesting parked on your driveway. The front looks friendly as you can see a hint of smile from the grille and lights, the bumper however seems to be designed to give it youthful feel. the sides are not bad either as the rear door has kink that makes the rear window taper upwards. The rear is tidy and cute, also a whiff i a smile can be seen, step inside and things are more Kia, the dash is logically laid out and looks ok, but I wouldn’t call it stylish, borderline a letdown as it does not carry the subtle flair of the exterior to be honest.

To no one’s surprise engines are timid, the largest engine on offer is a three cylinder 1.25 liter turbo petrol that produces around 120 hp, so expect it to move around just fine, if only just that.

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