The newly refreshed Range Rover Sport brings in a array of updates that make the most desirable SUV in the market even more desirable, and this time around it has even given a hat tip to the eco conscious, well as much as it could.

Sometimes you look at a car or SUV and say, things could not get better, well leave it to JLR to prove you wrong. Take this refreshed Range Rover, the changes are so subtle on the exterior its barely noticeable, clearly it’s a question of a tech upgrade more than a design upgrade. The insides of front and back light clusters have been updated with the latest in lighting technology, the bumper and lower grille have been tinkered with, the side vent near the side mirrors has have been tweaked, and that most probably is about it. Step inside and the tech upgrade theory is more apparent, as not to be outdone by its new baby sibling the Velar, the Sport now has a dual screen in its center console, in addition to the instrument binnacle screen, that’s a lot of screens. Overall the interior gets a refined refresh as everything looks amazing to be honest, what a place to sit in.

The biggest headline is not the screens inside, or the tweaked outside, but what is under the hood. As for the first time ever, now you can purchase a Range Rover with a hybrid power train. The PHEV model, the P400e, combines an a 300 Hp four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine with a 116 Hp electric motor, giving a combined power output of 404 Hp delivered to a permanent 4WD system, launching the Sport to 100 in 6.7 seconds, not bad, not bad at all.

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