Opel, the black sheep of the German carmakers, and possibly the true people’s car, has released a new compact SUV to round off their SUV lineup to three models, and the Grandland X is the largest one so far.

This model is a special one, as it marks the first Opel to be developed on a PSA platform, as Peugeot and Citroen now own the German marque. What I like about PSA is that they do use the same underpinnings and tech, but at the same time their products look and behave far apart, with each retaining its identity and character, no horrible badge engineering here. which means most probably Opel will shine in terms of freedom and lower development cost. In terms of looks this compact SUV is a handsome looking thing, well proportionate and sleek, the front has the new Opel DNA, with semi angry front lights and a wide grille, the sides do not try to hide the height of the SUV but have nice lines that compliment. As for the rear its also smart looking, clearly they know who their customers are when they designed the Grandland X. The interior is clean and complements the exterior actually, nice lines and low on buttons, the touch screen comfortably sits in the middle of the dash and does not seem to be forced at all. The only gripe I would have is the name Grandland X, it’s too similar to what a young Chinese car manufacturer would choose for a model name.

At launch the Grandland X comes either with 1.2 liter turbocharged petrol that produces 128 hp and 230 Nm of torque, there’s also a 1.6 liter diesel with 118 hp and 300 nm of torque. Sportier engines will be introduced down the line with even a possibility of an 8 speed automatic. So, the Grandland X symbolizes a great start under PSA’s ownership, black sheep come home.

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