When any person thinks of a car that is cool, most probably the first brand that would come to mind is Aston Martin. They have been around for a very long time, since 1913 to be exact, and are a stiff competition in motorsport and they have been part of pop culture thanks to that certain movie franchise we all know.

The DB11 coupe marked a shift at Aston Martin, sporting a new design language that is smoother and more agile looking, mind you I was fan of Aston Martin since the day I became aware of cars. The DB11 was striking and looked super stylish and low slung, and now to complement that model, a convertible version – Volante – is now available for us to ogle and admire.

The lack of a roof has highlighted the lines of the body overall, it’s as if they have been deepened, especially the retro looking side vents that are connected to the wheel arch. Front and rear lights have been left untouched no doubt and look smart with all the cutting edge kit they house. The odd thing is that taking the roof off meant many design cues that made the DB11 stand out has gone, question is: Is the Volante as unique as the Coupe? Inside has been left untouched, to be honest it does seem a bit fussy in here, I have a gripe with the air vents and their chrome housings, and dislike the gear selector buttons on the center console, dear god why. As for the roof it takes 14 seconds to lower and 16 to close and can be operated remotely from the key. Aston Martin promises that the lack of a roof will not hinder the dynamics of the Volante, noting that it has the same engines of the Coupe –  ‎5.2 Liter twin-turbo V12 or 4.0 Liter twin-turbo V8. Nit picking aside it is still one beautiful cabriolet.


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