I have a sweet spot for two door Swedish cars, they have a subtle flair that makes  you look and admire, as evident of old two door Saabs and Volvos. This year, history is being made with Volvo’s performance arm releasing its first ever badged model, The Polestar 1.

Based on Volvo’s architecture, Polestar basically took the S90 and turned it into a gorgeous coupe. When it comes to the exterior, the front is where things are most Volvo, though it has a wider grille, the sides, roofline and rear have been dramatized, making the car taught, angular and wide, all are positive adjectives that suit the intentions of this coupe, which it to be a performance driven hybrid. The interior is stock Volvo but that ain’t a bad thing, but then again you’ll have to rely on color schemes to give sportiness. The 1 uses a Volvo Drive-E two liter four cylinder petrol engine, in Power Mode it delivers a total of 600hp and 1,000Nm of torque, that is serious power right there. Polestar says that this is the first of a three model lineup with its sights clearly set on full electrification and becoming a leader in hybrid/electric cars and they might actually do exactly that, if things go according to plan. The Polestar 1 will be limited to 500 units per year, talk about feeling special.

The only issue I have is something pointed out by my friends, which is a thing that never occurred to me. Polestar is a word that resembles another word used to describe actors who star in another performance driven trade, which also happens to like to go sideways, cue annoying/teasing jokes for anyone who buys one.

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