Skoda has launched their smallest SUV, and the most interesting thing about the Karoq is its name, which is a mash up between two words from the Alutiiq language: Car and Arrow.

Just by looking at it, you get the hint that this is the less attractive sibling of the Seat Ateca, whereby one is stylish and chic, the other is timid and moderate. It’s not that the designers at Skoda haven’t tried, the new nose features a trend some carmakers are adopting, but Skoda has adopted it on all of their lineup, which is breaking up the light cluster into separate pieces. Some carmakers did not succeed with this, such as Jeep with the Cherokee, while others did like the Citroen and its C3. The Karoq is in the middle in terms of success, the light clusters are okay and only that, with the rear end being the most stylish part. The interior follows suit with a rather drab and angular affair. Even with the largest of alloys and best trim, this small SUV barely merits a glance, expect it to do its job though, sans flair.

I can rant about its design continuously, but there is no denying that this will be a very functional SUV as I said, it will take in your family and luggage, it will also not age badly, as that has already happened. Five engines are available with the most spirited is a 190 hp and 400 nm four cylinder diesel engine with 2.0 liters displacement, mated to a 6 speed manual or 7 speed DSG that delivers power to a 4×4 system.

By going off road it seems that Skoda has lost its way, as its current lineup is starting to lack what made Skoda an unexpected alternative to mainstream automakers. The first generation Fabia should always be their reference.

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