Once upon a time, BMW was the brand that did donuts around Mercedes, taunting its sportiness and character. These days things are not so clear, as Mercedes has upped its game in terms of dynamics considerably. BMW, well, was able to keep itself desirable but no longer could do said donuts, not to mention competition being so tough from all sides as Jaguar, Audi and even Lexus in some instances where pulling heavy punches.

So to turn up the heat, it seems that BMW wants to battle it out in every segment, thus the X2 is born, an SAV nonetheless that is by far the most concept looking BMW to date. The front bares the family nose, thankfully this time around they decided not to directly link the world famous kidney grille to the light cluster, a very awkward uni-brow arrangement by the way. The sides are chunky, with the C-Pillar having the signature Hofmeister kink, which is a first time for an X model, I’m not too keen on the additional BMW roundel – badge – on that pillar though. The rear is neat and smart, and here is where you start to ask if the SAV segment is basically jacked up hatchbacks. All in all the end result is a chiseled and imposing SAV, though one could debate that it looks a bit stubby. Step inside and things are more tamed and parts binny, mind you it is of great quality and is functional with digital dials and buttons galore.

Engines are to roll out, but so far there is the x20i, a four cylinder petrol, and a x25d a 2.0 liter – BMW really needs to straighten out their engine naming scheme – four cylinder that produces 231 hp and peak torque of 450 Nm, that launches the X2 to 100 km/h in a brisk 6.7 seconds. An M version is in the works also, and is to be more aggressive looking and very powerful. It seems that BMW is working on making itself even more desirable, but don’t expect donuts around anybody, bring it on.

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