When it comes to car designs, coupes get the long end of the stick, designers get to go all out as they style and sculpt the two door auto. In the opposite side of the design scale are station wagons, as they come off as afterthoughts, rear ends that are glued onto a currently existing design, making a person appreciate the sedan even more, in short station wagons get the short end of the stick, mostly.

Mostly is the keyword here, as there are a handful of carmakers who actually make it a point to produce sleek and stylish looking station wagons. Volvo and Audi for example have been doing it for quite some time now, and it looks like Jaguar is to be one of those few too. The new XF Sportbrake is a striking car to look at, let alone it being a station wagon, designers were able to fuse the new rear end seamlessly, as the lines of the sedan are complemented and not ruined. The new rear end can accommodate up to an impressive 556 liters of luggage space, making it a very versatile station wagon. The front however remains as is, the attractive nose of XF is kept intact and is very handsome, the silhouette of the sides are smooth and sporting actually, the only let down is the plastic triangle on the rear door window near the C pillar, no doubt it’s there for pesky production reasons.

The XF comes with the same engines available in the sedan, and you can even opt for an AWD drive version for additional traction, lets hope there is an SVR version in the works. Short end of the stick it ain’t.

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