Though the SUV market is booming, there are a couple of models who have stood the test of time and have been around for many many generations, with some even being considered iconic. For example the Mercedes G-Class is one and is the high end type, there’s also the Land Rover Defender – just been discontinued to make way for a new model – which is functional and rugged. And then you have the Wrangler, which is the lifestyle and off-road advocate. The other thing in common between these three models is that they all evolve over the years but retain their boxy design.

This is the fourth generation Wrangler, noting that the first gen “modern” Wrangler was introduced back in 1987. A quick look around could make you think that perhaps Jeep is sticking too much to the design evolution thing, as this could be considered more of a facelift and less a new generation. The front grille has been revised as the signature air vents look smarter and more pronounced, the lights and bumper also have been tweaked to look more stylish, well, as sleek as possible. The rear seems more or less the exact same, that is most probably due to the fact that it would be dominated by a spare wheel. Overall it looks smoother and smarter, but still is an attractive rugged looking SUV. Inside the tech upgrade is apparent, the dash looks much more stylish with the addition of metal surfaces and a large screen in the middle. The Wrangler will be available either as a three door or a five door, with a modular roof, doors and front windshield. Engines are not yet announced but expect a V6 with either manual or automatic gearbox. So is the new Wrangler is a desirable automotive Icon as ever? Seems so, but perhaps a dose of courage is needed next time around.

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