In the last article, about the new Jeep wrangler, I talked about Icons in the car industry, and each country has their fair share and the US is no exception. To be specific there are many Iconic US models, and some stand the test of time more than others.Those others though most probably are victims of badge engineering which was “pioneered” by US brands in the 80s and 90s… and by pioneered I mean sucking the sole out of the brand until it no longer existed.

The Corvette stood the test of time, among the seven generations only two where questionable, the latest however is a true return to form, and the ZR1 version highlights that. Packing a dual-fuel-injection system- which is a first for GM – 6.2 liter V8 with 755 hp and a whopping 969 Nm of torque, the ZR1 means business, though there are no official performance figures but expect it to reach 60 in around 3 seconds and 210 miles per hour. In terms of design, as this is a variant of the current generation Corvette, it has been treated to an aerodynamic makeover, making it look chiseled and track ready. For example the rear high wing, though it does not compliment the design, provides an estimated 950 pounds of downforce. The alloys are exceptionally menacing as they are retro looking yet stealthy. Inside the interior is treated to a specific color scheme with brushed metal and black leather, sadly the steering is still as it is, boring and lethargic looking and its the element you would interact the most with.

So the Corvette lives on, and the ZR1 seem like one for the history books, power dome and all.

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