Tesla has just announced its second generation roadster, and the performance figures suggest it will shake things up in the hyper car food chain. The first roadster from Tesla was based on the lotus Elise, which is a great place to start, and was even the first model from the Californian manufacturer produced from 2008 and 2012. It provided a gateway to the current Tesla lineup and even provided proof that electric cars do provide a viable future.

Where the old Roadster accelerated to 100 in 3.7 seconds, the base model of the new Roadster can reach 100 in blistering 1.9 seconds, a quarter mile in 8.8 and top out at 400 Kmh plus. Not only are the performance figures of hyper car value, the range it provides is 620 miles on a full charge, cementing itself as next gen indeed. The design seems to be developed majorly in a wind tunnel as its looks to cut through the air like a knife, yet the family resemblance is clear as you can see some Model S here and there, overall it is good looking but a bit timid. The lines overall are simple and the look of the car is balanced as the rear and front do not overshadow each other. inside things are more futuristic than ever, though this is still a prototype if it reaches production looking like this, Tesla would have pushed the frontier of understated interior design.

There are two downsides however, first is that orders have started but delivery is expected to be in 2020. The other downside is the price tag as it starts from 200,000 USD. So, the Tesla Roadster packs the performance of a hypercar and the price tag of a hypercar, but sadly its design can’t keep up with either. as it best suits being a TT competitor.

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