The Vantage name has been around for a considerable amount of time dating way back to 1951, it first was used to classify large engines options and Le Mans racers. But in current times it is bestowed upon the baby of the lineup, but be weary, the way it behaves and performs is anything but baby, more like Baby Driver.

The latest generation, second to be exact, has just been introduced, looks wise it follows the footsteps of its bigger sibling the DB11. Actually strike that, it is almost a carbon copy of the DB10 seen in 007’s Spectre, albeit with a body kit, ok that might be a bit exaggerated but the resemblance is uncanny. The rear follows the new trend of connected left and right light clusters, it looks modern and futuristic. The sides are highlighted by a large air intake and very short taught overhangs. The iconic grille has taken a lower stance and bigger, overall look is a mixture of growl and pout. The thing that seems the weakest are the front light clusters, they seem too generic and most probably will be heavily revised come face-lift time. The interior is much more distinctive, clearly the designers enjoyed crafting it, as it is a subtle departure from what we usually see from Aston Martin, yet still retains its identity.

Now for the power, the Vantage comes with a V8 mated to an 8 speed gearbox, it produces 510 Hp and 685 Nm of torque, propelling the supercar to 100 in just 3.5 seconds. Add to the fact that it has a 50:50 weight distribution, seems Bond will have to use two hands on the steering wheel.

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