Let’s be honest. the first generation CLS is a design true icon, it ushered a new segment deemed “Four-Door Coupes”, though the words by definition do not go together, but anyway, it combined the practically of a sedan and the roof line of a svelte coupe. The first generation embodied those characteristics to the letter, still stunning even after all these years. The second generation did improve on the formula, however for some reason it wasn’t as memorable, most probably due to the fact that the competition stiffened and simply caught up.

After all the teasing and spy photos we finally get to see the third generation CLS fully unveiled and what a sight, it is striking especially with matt paint, it looks as if it can slice its way through the air like a bullet, though when looking at it from certain angles you might start to question the design of the light clusters, those oddly raked front lights, and the borderline comical rear ones, but they are interesting nonetheless. Inside and the dual screen setup Mercedes has adopted is applied on the dashboard, it might not stand the test of time as it is somewhat heavy handed. But there is no questioning the quality and craftsmanship of the interior, luxury is apparent.  So far diesel engines have been announced, power ranges from 286 hp and 600 Nm of torque through to 340 hp and 700 Nm  of torque. We eagerly await the AMG version, as it will dial things to 11.

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