There are many iconic American brands that have fallen to severe badge engineering, Mercury for example, is one that is no longer with us, Buick is another, which are just rebadged Opels. However there are some brands who try to push away from badge engineering as much as possible, sure they share a lot of parts but they try to be as distinctive as possible, and Lincoln is one of them.

Usually Lincoln uses letters for their model naming, but for this model in specific they traded MKZ in for a word, Nautilus, and what a grand word indeed. Luckily the design of the mid size SUV carries the name nicely as it looks imposing and classy, it seems Lincoln is taking notes from Cadillac and is setting out to create and cement its identity. The model it replaces – the MKX – is a perfect example of a model pushing away from brand engineering, the first gen was a thinly veiled ford edge, the facelift and generation after less so and so on. The Nautilus however takes things up a couple of notches, the front is dominated by the family grille and sophisticated lights, the sides are smooth and if specced correctly could have very stylish propeller-like alloys as seen in the pictures. The rear is the weakest area probably as it comes off a bit Lexus-y. As for the interior it slots right in the middle between stylish and average, good looking but no surprises. Mechanically the Nautilus’s most powerful engine is a 2.7 liter that delivers 335 hp and a meaty 515 nm of torque. The Nautilus is also available with Lincoln Black label, whereby you choose premium themes for the materials and whatnot, is it me or is  Lincoln on a naming roll?

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