The most famous VW model, other than the Beetle, is the Golf. It is a well rounded hatchback and is, for most of the time, the benchmark of the segment. Add the letters GTI to it and you have something very very special. But in the lineup there’s a smaller model, though not so popular, but has proven to be a viable contender in its own segment, the Polo. And now VW has added those special three letters once again to the Polo and this just got interesting.

The Polo as a model that for a while did try to carve out its own identity, but VW just decided to make it a mini golf, the front especially is a spitting image of its bigger sibling, you wouldn’t be blamed to mistake it for one. The rear however is where it’s most different with smaller and cuter rear lights. In GTI guise it is treated to a sport kit and large 17-inch ‘Milton Keynes’ alloy wheels that evoke a sense of speed. The interior is treated to a dash of color, but even that can’t mask the fact that it’s quite drab on the inside, well built but drab.

Say what you want about the Golf-like exterior and sullen interior, under the bonnet is a 2.0 liter turbo 4 cylinder engine that produces 197 hp and 320 nm of torque, which is hooked up to a 6 speed DSG box,  this pocket rocket needs 6.7 seconds to reach 100, classic GTI fashion. Time to start wondering if there will be a hotter R version.

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