Seat provides one of the most handsome car lineups to be honest, for the last two decades they have constantly provided cars that look good and handle nicely, interiors have not been that inspiring but have maintained a certain character. Though being part of the Volkswagen Group might mean a brand losing its own DNA, Seat however has managed to retain its identity and make use of the VW parts bin in the best way possible, minus the Exeo of course.

Enter the Seat Leon Cupra R, though introduced around three months back in the IAA in Frankfurt, this hot hatch is here to make a burning mark. In summation you could consider it as the hot headed cousin of the Golf GTI, adding the R means that things got dialed to eleven. From the outside the paint scheme is the most striking, which there are three to choose from, looking past that and things are augmented in a very subtle manner, side skirts and revised front and rear bumpers take the weight of the change, carbon fibre has been used to improve aerodynamics and weight, coupled with large 19 inch alloys and the R looks taut and ready to pounce. Inside the seats are replaced with sport seats, the dials are colored a cool grey, and the door panels are swathed with carbon fiber like material, Alcantara is used tastefully, you have the Cupra R logo placed in strategic locations just in case you happen to forget what you are driving. Two versions of the Leon Cupra R are available, both are front wheel drive; 300 units will come with a 6-speed DSG transmission, while 499 will come with a 6-speed manual transmission. Both will get a 2.0 Turbo 4 cylinder TSI engine producing 306 hp and 380 nm of torque, launching the R to 100 ion 5.8 seconds.

Seat is on a roll, its sales in 2017 has increased by 13% and is one of the fastest growing brands in Europe. Models like the Seat Cupra R will definitely make the pace of success more rapid.

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