Imagine, Mercedes was able to build 300,000 G-Classes since the first generation launched back in the 1970’s, that is no small feat especially that this model in specific is very expensive and its design has been virtually left as is, it is that good. Truth be told, there is no denying that this model is a testament that Mercedes still churns out icons, living ones.

In terms of design, The exterior is almost the same, though you could say it has been sanded off a bit, still rugged and boxy yet the edges are rounder and more delicate, odd combination indeed. front lights have been left as circles, while the rear are the same tiny light clusters. The boxy shape has also been retained, so expect that large front windshield to create some wind noise. The G Class benefits heavily from unlimited access to Mercedes’s luxury parts bin and the interior is hard proof. A single glance and you can spot the familiar steering, the massive information screens, switchgear and what not all taken from other models, they all blend well and the G Class makes a lot of effort in making them its own. The G also has gained more size, it interior and boost space has been upgraded.

As for the running gear in the G500 for example a 9 speed auto is mated  a high-performance 4.0-litre V8 petrol biturbo engine that produces 422 hp and 610 Nm, expect and AMG version soon, but perhaps its best to opt for an AMG kitted G500 to avoid the crashy ride. Long live the Icon.

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