Vanilla as a scent or something eaten that is widely accepted by all, nothing amazing, nothing daring, just a safe bet, an ice cream you’d order if you got confused from all the zany variety of ice creams in front of you,and so it seems this is how Volkswagen is positioning itself.

The new Jetta is a perfect example for the middle of the road concept, it looks average and blends well with the background, as if it has been designed by surveys and charts, void of passion or any sort of artfulness. The only element that could be interesting are the rear lights, which are similar to Audi’s. The front has the new family nose, it seems large grilles are in, but looks decent enough, it still looks like a Jetta though and truth be told does look better than the previous generation, thing is the competition has overtaken the Jetta in terms of looks. Stepping inside and things are Golf like, highlights are the large infotainment screen and digital dials aka Volkswagen Digital Cockpit display, overall the interior fairs better than the exterior. For the running gear, the Jetta is initially available with a 1.4-liter turbocharged TSI engine, making 147 Hp and 250 Nm of torque mated to a DSG box no doubt.

Putting all of my semi rant above aside, there’s one thing worth noting, Volkswagen was able to sell 17 million models worldwide since the Jetta was introduced in 1979, apparently Vanilla sells quite good.

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