Some cars are here for real reasons, they either solidify their position in a segment or create a new segment. Sadly other cars are here for no reason whatsoever, and the Avalon is one of those. In the beginning or to be specific until this new generation, the only thing I found intriguing about the Avalon was its name, but this new gen model has made things quite difficult to accept, as I now see the Avalon as an annoying car indeed.

Is it desperation or bravery? Having almost the entire front of the Avalon be dominated by a large awkward grille? I mean supercars don’t need that much air to cool their engines, why on earth would the Avalon have this massive heavy handed grille? Granted it does make it look sporty but make no mistake nobody is expecting it to handle or perform briskly. In contrast the rear is following the design trend of connected right and left light clusters, the rear is actually good looking but cannot redeem that terrible grille oh no siree. Inside things are more Lexus like, with the center console being dominated by a large Casio-calculator-like infotainment system. Toyota should really take a firm stance on whether it wants its luxury brand to be different than its commercial one, or to have them blended together.

drive train wise, hybrid power is available and there is either of a 2.5 litre 4 cylinder or 3.5 litre V6, no news on performance. Though the Camry’s big brother does have a dramatically awesome name, sadly it does not live up to it, you can thank that grille which is available in two guises by the way.

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