Renault has been a very solid contender when it comes to mass produced cars, their identity is very well defined, stylish and benefiting heavily from the Renault-Nissan alliance as it expands into the SUV segment. But what adds the cherry on the proverbial top is the Renault Sport division, which hits way much more than it misses.

Enter the new Megane RS, officially launched in the 2017 Frankfurt motor show, a hot hatch that has many sweet details in its styling and in the technology it packs. For Example, those front fog lights are inspired by a checkered flag, the trick suspension is equipped with the 4CONTROL four-wheel steering system and four hydraulic bump stop shock absorbers, guaranteeing fun times around the corners. Zooming out a bit, the silhouette of the RS is impressive, sleek and smooth is the theme, and sprinkled with aerodynamic trickery to make sure what it has to give is delivered, the rear is one of the most successful interpretations of left and right connected lights, which is now a trend in car design. Step inside and the RS does its best in pumping the interior with livelihood, let’s be honest the interior is not as bold as the exterior, but it does try with a smattering of RS badges here and there and the choice of Charcoal weaved fabric or Alcantara.

As for the power a 1.8 litre direct injection turbo engine develops a power output of 280 hp torque of 390 nm mated to either a manual or EDC gearbox. So, from the looks of things it seems that not only would the Megane RS hit the target but it would do circles around it.

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