The A-Class has come a long way, gone are the days of the first A Class that almost ruined the image of Mercedes, epically failing the infamous slalom test so terribly. Now four generations onward the A-Class is a surefooted desirable hatchback, so much so that all is forgotten.

A general observation about this segment, mainstream carmakers dominate the hatchback sector, whenever those same mainstream automakers try to compete in the luxury car market, luxury car makers make minced meat out of them, here now things are in reverse as luxury makers have been wrestling in on the hatchback market for quite some time now, make no mistake mainstream automakers know their turf and are putting up extremely fierce competition. So, it is no surprise that this new A-Class has pulled all the stops, it is the second model to have Mercedes’ new design direction, demonstrated in the CLS first, and my does it carry it well, the front and sides strike a balance between sophisticated styling and sportiness, the front light cluster design seems more at home here than on the CLS though. The rear lights, dare I say it, tad resembles the taillights of a sedan Kia Cerato, overall it builds on what the third generations established. Step inside and things are taken to the next level big time, the interior also follows suit of the rest of the lineup with immaculate air vents, the large horizontal dual screens on the dashboard feature Mercedes’ all new voice assistant “LINGUATRONIC” , just by looking at the pictures you can sense the craftsmanship is high end, let’s hope the entry level will look as good.

At launch, two new four-cylinder petrol engines are available, a 1.4 liter and a 2.0 liter that produces 220 hp and 350 Nm, and a 1.5 Liter four-cylinder diesel. With a sedan and scorching AMG to follow. So, It seems the A-Class has an ace ups it sleeve, more like a couple…

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