Behold the latest generation BMW X4, a quick history lesson the X4 was the first SAC -Sports Activity vehicle – ever which in basic terms means it’s the first SUV to have its rear headroom compromised by a sloping roofline, sacrificing function for the much coveted form.

Speaking of from, I’m not quite sold on it as a whole, the first generation was striking and intriguing but seeing it and getting used to it for quite some time made it loose it’s allure quickly, could the SAC thing be just a huge rear end gimmick? Mind you the X4 did carve out a new segment and other automakers followed, especially one with a three pointed star, which means that there is money to have here, and why not if people are buying, though it does seem that Mercedes are more successful at making good looking SACs, well, as far as they go. The biggest leap is at the rear end of course, being inspired heavily from BMW’s concept cars of late, however the front is standard BMW production fair, slightly less fussy but looses out heavily. The rear end pushes forward while the front wants to blend in and stay in place, which makes things even more confusing. Inside it is standard BMW fair, if you were in a blindfold test you would have to be an expert in the minute details to tell which BMW you’re in, nevertheless it is functional, techy and no doubt well built.

The new X4 is available in xLine, M Sport X and M Sport model variants with their own individual character, at launch engines range from 3 diesel and 2 petrol engines, for the petrol you the BMW X4 xDrive20i which is a four-cylinder 2 liter unit that has an output of 184 hp, maximum torque 290 Nm to 100 kmh in 8.3 seconds. There also a different state of tune that generates 252 hp and peak torque of 350 Nm, accelerates from 0 to 100 kmh in 6.3 seconds, named the xDrive30i, didn’t I mention things were slightly confusing…

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