The French automotive industry has a very romantic history, filled ups and downs, from motorsport wins to model disappointments, from innovation to bankruptcy. in the same vein their bread and butter is the hatchback, and of late the small SUV, and the throne in their throats is the sedan.

Enter the new Peugeot 508 sedan, its design takes a lot of cues from the many daring and aggressive concept cars Peugeot has been introducing. The front lights have a vertical daytime running light that resembles a claw, a fang even. The sides benefit heavily from pillar-less doors, helping it achieve a coupe like silhouette. The rear is almost of a muscle car, with deep rich lights that are connected by a sporty black strip. Throughout the car you can see creases and subtle lines that give it a sporty stance. Inside is the latest version of the iCockpit, housing two digital screens; one in the dashboard that is available with night vision, and a 10 inch in the center console. Peugeot interiors of late are really impressive and are unlike anything else in the market. Overall the 508 is an impressive machine and more or leap than a step forward, very feline like.

Engine wise there’s two petrol 1.6 liter engines that produce 180 or 225 bhp and there are three diesel engines that range between 130 and 180, they can be mated to an 8 speed auto, no info on performance though. Let’s hope Peugeot Sport decides to tinker with it, then we will have a gem on our hands. So is the Peugeot 508 the French sedan we have all been waiting for? Literally from the looks of it seems to be so, and that’s even before stepping inside that sleek interior. Bring on the romance.

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