The AMG division at Mercedes has achieved it’s legendary status for quite some time now, each time the badge is seen or its distinct rumble is heard, you either want to run away and hide, or press on the gas pedal and see how much you can handle.

Such is the feeling when looking at this new AMG GT 4 door coupe, intimidated yet intrigued, clearly cute and cuddly is not its intention, and it being based heavily on the concept that previewed it, adds even more allure. The front is another version of next gen Mercedes, and to be honest this is much preferred than what’s featured on the new A-Class and CLS, the front lights for instance in those two are questionable, while the ones on this AMG are elegant yet aggressive. The sloping roofline and the long bonnet of the GT Coupe give a small hint of retro-ness, while the rear features cool-looking light clusters. Overall the AMG can teach the Panamera a thing or two about design aesthetics. Inside things are spot on Merc, the dashboard houses two 12.3 Inch screens, beautifully crafted seats and no doubt robust build, it is a very classy interior, but it is not as special as the exterior.

As for power, the AMG GT is available with V6 and V8 engines mated to a 9-speed auto, the fastest comes in the AMG63 S, it churns out 639 hp, 900 nm of torque and reaches 100 in a blistering 3.2 seconds. Noting that the V6 achieves 100 in just 4.5 seconds, epic. Oddly enough this AMG eclipses the new CLS that has been recently launched, whereby that model looks a tad bit fussy and too close to this AMG in direction, Mercedes might have overlapped things a bit too much in this instance.

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