Seems there is no such thing as too many crossovers or SUVs in the car market, which begs a question what happens after this craze? Will the auto industry head back to traditional shapes, or will a new shape take dominance, well, only time will tell.

Lexus has just rolled out a new small crossover dubbed the UX, it carries the same design language of it’s sister cars, sharp creases and origami-like surfaces. But what the UX brings is a softer tone to it, the face is more rounded and approachable, the front light clusters seem welcoming and less aggressive, the sides are where the Lexus DNA shows the most. The rear is where things get interesting with this Lexus having connected rear lights, which is a clear trend now, but these lights also are used to diffuse wind for efficiency purposes, so kudos to them. Inside things are tamer and more conventional than its other siblings, overall it does look sophisticated and welcoming, here’s to hoping they update the terrible infotainment system.

The UX is available in two guises; Hybrid and, erm regular, both with the same 2.0 liter engine that produced 170 hp. The hybrid provides a bit more oomph, however don’t expect it to ignite your senses, not to mention it being mated to a CVT gearbox. So will the UX provide the best User Experience among the mini crossovers? Perhaps not, but it will be hassle free and with a hint of flair.

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