The Touareg has always been a solid performer, the first and second generation are attractive enough, had practicality and space to boot. It is a very capable model, and the name was most probably the most interesting thing about it.

But things might have shifted with the new lighter third generation Touareg, gone is the middle of the road approach, now we bear witness to a bolder era of design were horizontal lines dominate. Just take a look at this grille, the amount of chrome lines are borderline overwhelming, they are even integrated in the Interactive LED matrix headlights, segmenting those 128 LEDs per headlight. The theme goes on as the vertical lines could be even seen on the bumper in some specs, this might be very heavy handed but interesting nonetheless. The rear is something else entirely it looks sleek and clean flanked by two delicately designed – in comparison to the front – LED tail light clusters, as if designed by someone who did not see the front until production. Inside however and tech game has been upped big time, a massive driver oriented 15 inch screen dominates the dashboard, it with 12 inch digital dials provide all the information the driver needs. Taking a step back though and you start to realize that VW once more has blurred the line between it and Audi, they should really get their positioning ducks in a row.

The drive-train highlight is that Volkswagen will be offering the Touareg with a new plug-in hybrid drive that produces 367 hp in total. Other engines include two V6 diesels, one V8 diesel, and a V6 petrol depending on the market. 4-Motion 4×4 system comes as standard and you can even opt for all wheel steering just in case. To sum it all up, the third gen Touareg is intriguing, but can it stand the test of time like it’s predecessors design wise? Well, only time will tell.

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