The RAV4 has always been solid contender, it has been around way before SUVs were fashionable, but at the same time struggled to be fashionable itself. The last facelifted generation did put a lot of effort in being so, but with the new RAV4, Toyota has changed course dramatically.

Compared to the older model, the new RAV4 is much more angular and rugged looking, it’s as if they applied a pixel effect to the design language used on current Lexus models, also looking directly at the front of the RAV4 it easily could be an SUV from Ford.  The sides do their best at making it look slim though its undeniably thrumpy at the back. That being said if the right color combo and alloys are chosen, the RAV4 could be good looking.

Step inside and things are much more sober and docile, a very symmetrical cabin seems to try to balance out the edginess of the exterior, though why should all the fun be just for onlookers and not for the people who actually drive it and bought it even. fashionable aside, Toyota has put a lot of effort in making it more efficient, compared to the previous gen model, as it is lighter, has a lower drag coefficient and the hybrid system does not intrude on space.  The sportiest RAV is the XSE Hybrid which is a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder mated to a  ECVT transmission, no info on output or performance yet, but don’t expect it to roar, a large drone is more plausible. So, is the new course of the RAV4 any good? Seems so, but it will surly remain a solid contender, even after SUVs are no longer fashionable.

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