2019 is a busy year for the Automotive industry, brands across the world are churning out cars left, right and center. With that in mind, American brands are no slouches, as Chevrolet has just introduced the latest generation Camaro, and you wouldn’t be blamed to think of it as a facelift.

It’s not that the update is shabby, not at all, the front features numerous pronounced creases, revised headlights that are thinner and wider, the SS variant even has a different bumper that is part car color and part gloss black, the sides are taught and chiseled, benefiting heavily from large rims to emphasize on its muscle car stance. The rear is treated to two dual circle headlights that initially look heavy handed but have enough depth and detail to overlook that initial thought. Chevrolet has yet to release pictures for the interior, but I’d guess it will borrow heavily from the generation before it, with a 7 inch standard or optional 8 inch touchscreen.

The drive-train is where things get interesting, other than the smoking SS there’s a new 2.0 V6, yes V6, which produces 276 Hp and 400 Nm of torque mated to a six speed manual transmission. With a 50:50 weight distribution this version will ruffle some feathers indeed. The 6th generation Camaro is pretty neat, but perhaps Chevrolet is giving the design evolution thing a try?

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