The Ford Focus has been a solid contender in the hatchback segment, well since the day the first generation was launched, and at some point led the pack, especially when it came to driving dynamics and packaging.

And it seems Ford is not going to ease on the throttle, as the new fourth generation Focus seems to push things forward aggressively, by launching four variants of the model at once. Up first you have the Sedan, whereby the “classic” sedan dimensions are applied to the rear, though the end result is slightly Korean looking. Then you have the Active which provides a ride height hike and subtle plastic cladding. The last two are the close to each other as both are pure hatchbacks which is the Vignale which has chrome bits added to give it an up market feel. The last is the most interesting which is the ST, the sportiest version among them all, for now. In terms of design, Ford opted to evolve its current design theme for the Focus, and the end result is pretty neat, taking the middle of road design of the third gen and making it much more attractive. Here, flowing lines, smooth surfaces are in abundance, my only gripe would be is the front light clusters, the insides are very sophisticated, the shape of the light cluster itself not so much. Stepping inside and you realize things are much more grown up, the whacky geometric lines of the first gen are a thing of the past, it’s good looking overall, but perhaps the floating touch-screen looks a bit heavy handed.

Engines so far range from 1.0 to 2.0 liter, no news on performance yet, but if it rides and handles as good is it looks, Ford is on to yet another winner.

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