Another day, another SUV. But this is not just any SUV, it could probably be the most luxurious SUV ever, as Rolls Royce has just introduced a daring addition to its lineup, the Cullinan. Named after the biggest diamond, Rolls Royce is not shying away from its poetic entry into the SUV sector, just by knowing the origins of the name it clearly wants the top spot without question.

It is surly imposing, best to look at it is from a three quarter angle, as looking at it from the front or back directly makes it look frumpy, nevertheless the shaping of the body panels are meticulous, the family resemblance is clear, this is clearly made for a Rolls Royce customer who wants an SUV. The fact that they kept the suicide doors is a major feat as no other SUV has this feature, not to mention that the owner would make hell of an exit or entrance. The rear has deceptively simple light clusters but the details of said light cluster makes you gaze into them. Step inside and the family resemblance is also clear, the upright dashboard is mostly wood, and conceals a large touch screen, no gallery here though, with high grade material applied through and through. And as all Rolls Royces the back is where a person ought to be, with large comfortable seats that are positioned to give you the proper view out and opulent experience, why yes i’ll have a glass of champagne.

As for the engine, the Cullinan is available with a 6.75 liter V12, that produces a meaty 653 hp and 850 Nm of torque. All in all I can’t say that the Cullinan is a disappointment, but it did not shock me as I hoped it would, it pushes the Rolls Royce envelope without actually pushing it.

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