I’ve begun to think that Audi’s flip flop in its design direction is international, to be more specific flip is when almost all the models in its lineup are beautifully crafted cars, like in the early 2000’s, flop is when it is the exact reverse, which has been witnessed in most recent years. But it seems we are back to flip and all for the best.

The second generation Q3 is the latest addition to the Audi fold, it also happens to be the smallest SUV in its lineup, however its design is anything but tiny. From the get go it means business, with aggressive lines and creases all over. This time around the front lights and iconic grille are in complete harmony, while those prominent wheel arches underline it’s agile intentions, the rear end also has smart looking light clusters, the only gripe is those half-assed fake exhausts, why they do this is beyond me, this trend needs to die soon quick. Step inside and you will not be disappointed, the interior, well, is borderline Sci-Fi territory, the semi-two-level driver oriented dashboard is neatly designed and tightly screwed together, you are treated to two screens, one in front of the steering wheel acting as an instrument cluster, while another 10 inch touchscreen with the latest MMI sits center dash. As this is the smallest SUV in the lineup size is effected, but functionality is expected not to be. As for customization there 11 color options and three trim levels, and numerous exterior options.

Four engines are available at launch, with the most powerful being a 4 cylinder that delivers 230 hp. Engines are mated to a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed auto. So, the new Q3 does the first generation proud, let’s hope Audi puts a stop that flip-flopping though.

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